Sunday, October 7, 2012

Surf & Music

Surfing is an indescribable experience. There have been many scientific analyses on the activity but you can lecture me with all the science you want, to me, it still doesn't make any sense. Big or small, from the moment you begin catching the wave and feel it start to push you, to the time you powerlessly return to the humble surface of the mighty ocean, it truly feels like there is something unexplained and supernatural at work. I was never really good at surfing and mediocre at best and I only got into the activity as a late teen. Everyone's experience and purpose with surfing is different. For me I look to it as a healthy form of exercise and a sort of meditative alone time in the peaceful serenity floating along the water.

I bought this board on Monday October 1st for $125 from a guy who seemed desperately excited to have sold the board to me. I had the opportunity to finally get the board out on the water in which I described it being "the most epic small wave session." The board is perfect for where I am at in life and my diminished surfer physique and ability.

I also performed with Shar Carillo at the 16th Annual Coconut Festival. Overall I'm happy with our/her performance, and glad to have worked along side her. Hopefully this will lead to something else. That's all for now I think.

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