Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Photo Went Viral

So my photo went viral, and not to any of my own recognition or glory. Woe is me. I was riding along with my drummer on our way to rehearsal when we were stopped at a traffic light in front of the quirky Hawaiian Rent-All sign. I saw the caption "Don't worry HPD still ok to rent hoes from us" and was elated! In conjunction with the recent media attention to the law that enables police officers to purchase the services of prostitutes here in Hawai'i to secure criminal conviction (talk about perks, where do I sign up!?), this was by far the funniest caption I had ever seen at this sign. I had to take a picture and share with my instagram fans/friends. A couple re-posts and less than 24 hours later, I find my picture all over FaceBook via Hawaii News Now.

Apparently the city didn't share my appreciation of Hawaiian Rent-All's humor and ordered the facility to remove their suggestive sign. Bummer. Short lived and yet so funny. With that being the case, if "sign guy" or anyone who knows or works with "sign guy" of Hawaiian Rent-All, I am deeply sorry for any trouble or inconvenience that I may have caused you by taking this would-be viral picture. The response to the city's complaints was pretty funny as well. Keep up the good work!

Frogs Theme from Chrono Trigger Instrumental Guitar Cover

I'm trying to continue with the instrumental guitar covers weekly, so expect to see/hear more of these.

Still working at the desolate restaurant, desperately seeking other places of employment to replace that insufferable place of employment. Hard to balance the career(s) I like with a restaurant job...

Still seeking a bass player for proto-Leviathan 2.0.

Still surfing.

Still jamming with Shar.

More later! Enjoy.