Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Job, Dead Phone

Why is it that the harder it is to get the job, the easier the job is? I never really understood that. My experience with employment has been this: if the pay is menial, the labor is intensive, the benefits are mediocre, the management is always in your business and by the time you leave the work place you're worse off than when you arrived. But somehow the higher the pay, the easier the job is, the more lax it is, the less effort is needed, the benefits are usually better. It's a capitalistic oxymoron. Logically, to me, at the entry-level it would seem like the harder/less-desirable the job, the higher the pay to compensate you for your bravery, and the easier the job, the lesser the pay. But that's not how it works. It's so strange.

Today I've been phone-less for 5 days. My phone died and how I wonder who has tried to contact me in the past few days, probably not many. The spiritual thing about this instance is that I will not be able to recover any of the new phone numbers or contacts when my new phone arrives. It will be an unpredicted purging of contacts, and I will emerge stripped down, renewed and technologically advanced with a smartphone. I have joined the revolution.

Newly dual-employed and immediately working double shifts, I hope that these new changes will enable me to stockpile the money I have desperately attempted to claim in vain to finance my dreams without compromising my new hobbies. Balancing the progression of many facets.

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