Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Have Returned

I have returned

Oahu 2.0 has begun. I arrived on the 5th of January to the metropilan island. I've already managed to blow all my money that I saved in cash. Luckily I have been performing under Shar Carillo and I've been getting paid for that. Found a place to live on my own with 2 room mates I met off craigslist. Holding out for real employment and tax returns. Start my first day banqueting this Sunday for the Convention Center in Honolulu. I am a Hawaiian Tyler Durden. I've been told I'll be employed at another restaurant too, but that's in two weeks. The financial pit of despair is near!

The goal for Oahu 2.0 as it stands is to

  • Have more money in my name every month than the previous month
  • Support Shar as long as it's possible for me to do (this may be indefinite)
  • Resurrect Leviathan my awesome band and dominate the rock scene here
That's all for now. I'm a little lazy and feel like I've neglected the blog for too long. More to follow eventually!