Monday, October 29, 2012



I present to you HIBRIv2.0. I have joined the revolution ladies and gentlemen. I am now one of the smart phone many. Technology, is an incredible thing. I am one step closer to becoming a cyborg and honestly, I am looking forward to adjusting my thinking and organization to be able to incorporate what I jokingly will be referring to as my brain's external hard drive (aka smart phone).

This week has been pretty jam-packed and diverse between my two jobs and varied extra curricular  Biggest highlight was my successful impulsive decision to visit Oahu and celebrate a good friends birthday without any planning what-so-ever in defiance to an impending tsunami warning.

Got to have some spontaneous quality gun range therapy time long overdue. Sponsored by Ishiki-Ute-Ryu.

Getting ready for Oahu Halloween 2012 baby. Already did a beta test run at the Oasis by the Beach costume party. Do you feel lucky, punk?

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