Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stripping Down

On Monday the 15th I fasted. Not for any religious reason, or outside challenge. I believe that people are designed for feast and famine so every once in a while I like to fast. I was surprised at how well I could resist eating this time. I suppose when I made the decision that I wasn't going to eat on that day, I knew I wasn't going to eat so I didn't get hunger pains. Plus, I promised I'd treat myself to a nice breakfast the next day. I did drink a lot of water however, 9 liters in fact, and remained steadfast in my activities. I found myself becoming more focused and acute as the day progressed. Perhaps that's an evolutionary mechanism that engages to enable the person to more-easily find food? Who knows.

I also decided to strip down my public persona and online presence as far as personal information goes. I am still on the fence as far as whether or not to create an alias or not. The all-or-nothing mentality for me at this point is something that I have researching and attributing many people's success to having no choice but to succeed. I guess I fear what the public (a.k.a. future employers) might consider/research when "googling" me. Thankfully however, there are many Brian Roberts' out there, so I think I am in the clear. Either way, I took down much of the information aspects on many of the websites I am active on as well as adopting a fake birthday as well and making sure everything is as private as can be.

This year has been the year of Neo-Rennaisance (spell check). I am trying to draw every day as well, and work on digital modification projects.

After five years, I find myself attempting to return to the prestigious K.C.C. The irony of it all however is that I am now going to have to pay out-of-state tuition for an educational establishment that I am an alumni to! I was also sent on a quest to retrieve records of my MMR immunizations which took me to three different locations and through labyrinths of medical facilities. I am now awaiting not only a list of medical records via mail, but a new cell phone!

It's been 11 days since my phone died of battery power and was no longer able to recharge itself. It died in it's sleep. Goodbye Sony Ericson. No longer will your impromptu boombox music fill our unorganized lives, and now, this year, my Man Without a Name costume won't be as good as it would of been without your accompany of music. Anyway, it's been a strange peace living without a phone, but there's always this feeling of residual disconnect at any given time. I saw the dying of my phone as a sign to finally switch providers to a cheaper provider and join the smart phone revolution. In just a few days my Samsung Galaxy S2 will arrive and I will now be Brian2.0. Upgrade, complete...

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