Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Little Pineapple in the Big Apple

As promised, here is my monthly blog entry! I am 6 days back from my whirlwind of an East Coast trip. I have a newfound respect for those who come to Hawaii for vacation from the East Coast. It was a grueling 11 hour flight from JFK to Honolulu. I was gone for 9 days and went all over the place. Here's a map.

I flew into JFK international in New York, then flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, then flew to Atlanta, Georgia where I was then picked up and driven to Auburn, Alabama. Stayed there the night, the following afternoon (day 2), we drove to St. Simon's in Georgia and stayed the night there. That afternoon (day 3) we drove to Jacksonville Florida, then drove to St. Augustine and stayed there the night. The next morning (day 4) we drove to Charleston South Carolina where we got into a car wreck. We spent the night there, and the next day (day 5) got another car and drove to Virginia Beach. Stayed there the night, then drove to Richmond the next day (day 6). We stayed in Richmond that night then went to wine country the next day (day 7) followed by a train ride to New York where we arrived very early (1am on day 8). The last 2 and half days were spent in NYC just wandering.

It was craziness, it was grueling, lot's of road time but I got to see a lot of stuff! Not much has happened since my last entry being that the last few months have been focused on pulling all resources to this east coast trip. Other than that I got some quiet time with myself as I readjust to PST.

I went to the doctors two days ago to check out my back. I messed it up a couple months back doing deadlifts, and being that my back hasn't fully recovered I figure I'd hit up the professionals. They gave me a muscle relaxer prescription, which I took a dose last night and that was a nice experience. Definitely gives you cotton mouth like everyone says it does.

Leviathan Hawaii 2.0 has it's final gig this Friday, March 11th, and I am frantically trying to burn CD's for this show, of course, my CD burner has decided to bust, but I can't blame it. This laptop I've been running has been operating since 2011! Far exceeding my expectations for a computer/cell phone. I have a default 2 year life expectancy for these kinds of products... which usually means I have a bankroll aside for replacements but I've squandered all of that gambling haha (problem much?), or going on trips.

That's all for now!