Thursday, November 21, 2013

Knee Injury 2.0

Sure enough, almost 1 year to the date since I impaled myself under my left knee-cap, I gone and done it again. This time it wasn't so bad and I believe it will be far less debilitating.

Since living on Oahu I have provisioned both my home, and my car with a skateboard. Unlike Kauai, the streets are swept here and the streets and sidewalks are reasonably debris free making it more welcoming to the the miniature-wheeled death-boards that I've come to love. Oahu is also pretty flat in comparison to Seattle where I couldn't skateboard effectively due to the uncontrolled speed from the hills. There are times in accordance to finding free parking or even where I have to park for work, that I have to travel a few blocks to finally arrive at my destination. It is in these scenarios that I gleefully utilize my car-based board to skate myself to the my goal.

"Ken's Theme" from Street Fighter 2
(recorded hours before my incident)


Last night was a night like any other in where I found parking blocks from my destination, the only difference was I was a little more reckless and overconfident in my abilities than usual. I saw a lip between the road and the sidewalk where the two joined and believed it to be small enough for my skateboard to climb over, my assessment proved wrong, I was sadly mistaken. The wheels of the skateboard caught the lip and the skateboard stopped, but I -- by inertia's fury -- continued forward. I sailed through the air like superman, and landed on my left knee and both hands almost simultaneously. It didn't hurt too bad at first, but impact injuries (aka bruises) tend to be most painful a day or two after the incident. I was unable to bicycle to work this morning, so I drove, and I managed to provide sufficient surf lessons while being ginger with the movement of my left leg. Even while being a gimp, I managed to milk two $20 tips from the two lessons I had today. Sympathy? Perhaps, but a wise waiter once taught me many years ago when I was an ignorant and naive young waiter, a lesson that I've lived by ever since.

"Brian, does the customer want to tip you for becoming their new found food and beverage friend or would they rather tip you for having their food on time, their drinks filled, and their dirty plates cleared? Both avenues will get you a tip, but you'll have to decide what side of the food force to choose, but remember people are here to eat, not listen to you hustle for tips. You reek of desperation." I decided to become a man of duty. I became proficient in the dining experience to a point where it's now as effortless as walking. Thus, any of my customer service jobs become interrelated with this simple ideology. What is the offer or purpose of the product or service? This must be the primary goal, and if it is not, you are guilt tripping your customer into giving you money out of pitty. I couldn't live a hollow and insincere life like that. After 10 years in the business, I could go on and on...

I submitted this meme to @server_life
I hope I get noticed

I remember doing ATV tours and living by this creed. It even got me in big trouble with this company, to the point where I believe I'm no longer welcome to work there, such a shame. But if one were to sign up for an ATV tour albeit a "family" tour, were they not expecting to maximize their time riding ATVs? I thought so, and made it so. I got in trouble for "adding mileage" at no cost to anything we offered or anyone else to the tours I lead.

Well, time to rest. Hope I feel better in the morning! Big double for me tomorrow.


  1. Be safe there. I figure that will all be replenished by enough relaxation and medical treatment. Don't sell yourself short on those things, and get the best possible health service that you can.

    Corine @ US Health Works/ San Jose Center

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