Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The Blow N' Go saga continues. I carved out a full day dedicated to "DMV Quest," and went armed with permit-passing knowledge in order to legally drive with a 21+ year old passenger, but I left empty-handed. Sad...

The Circa Survive concert was fun. I go to a lot of these shows solo, but always seem to run into many people that I know through the music scene so I'm never truely alone, although I still seem to find an empty corner to myself.

The bartender there is a former co-worker of mine at the restaurant I almost got fired at for smiling at. That'll be for another blog entry...

I have an impending Vegas trip, I'll be airborne in two days time. Looking forward to watching Marty Friedman, a guitarist who is very much as an idol can be to me. I told my college professor I'd be leaving for work. And, albeit sort of true, I didn't want it to seem like it was uncomitted to the quest of learning. I plan on doing some mad work on the laptop on my flight to Vegas. hopefully the plane has usb power. Otherwise... I'm screwed.

Leviathan has two gigs lined up and I'm very excited about this. Only thing is I have to sell 25 tickets... lot's of work, but I have a trick to convert my guitar students into patrons. Muahaha.

Quick and easy this week, no big production, catch ya next time!

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