Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Inauspicious Day

The Far East has long had a tradition of using the ideology of Feng Shui for many things. I am not an expert on such matters and what little I may understand stems from the cult household design phenomenon that interior decorators live by, and the references characters make to the "almanac" in the novels I read regarding the Orient (yes, I used Orient). The "almanac" these characters refer to is used to calculate when to do something or what to name something in accordance to good fortune. Much like how some people view a horoscope. As I've read, it's often referenced to auspicious days or inauspicious days etc. I feel like I had one such inauspicious day this week.

Worked at the surf shop for an afternoon shift, had no lessons. Sold my friend a game cube, which unknowingly was broken. Didn't have parking immediately available for my student, got his car towed. I would believe this to be an "inauspicious" day.

Hoarding is nuts. I am thankful I've moved around quite a bit as an adult and have adopted a pretty nomadic lifestyle as far as belongings go because of which. The only things I really tote are my music gear and some select electric equipment items for computing and such. It's nuts.

No shave November for prostate cancer awareness is in full swing. Followed by man-scape December, and I've been toying around with the idea of getting my hair dyed black. I guess the biggest hangup is that I don't know of any bitchin' hair salons here on Oahu that specialize in off-the-wall rockstar hair do's.  I'll have some before and after photos by the beginning of December for sure.

I really hope to replace the restaurant job for an upgraded version of the same thing, someplace else. Why must hotels be so difficult to join here on Oahu?

"While Your Lips are Still Red" by Nightwish

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