Tuesday, November 25, 2014

O Captain, She's Sinking!

My body's taken a beating these past weeks. Currently, I am having trouble hearing out of my right ear, that I may even have to go to the doctor for. I'll stubbornly wait a few more days... dangerous business for a musician. Too much fun at the beach and it feels like I got water in my ear. It's been 4 days now. I believe I've torn my shoulder, rotator cuff some way some how. I'm having trouble lifting my right shoulder. I've been straight battling these plantar warts on the bottom of my right foot that are mega-embarrassing when I tow the tourists around for the surf job. I've been working at the surf school almost every single day. On top of that my neighbors have once again leaked water into my bedroom, so I've been sleeping on the couch for the past few nights. Needless to say, I've been a little grumpy as a result of all those things.

I've always viewed times like these in my life; where life doesn't stop, like my body is this battered b-17. Still, some way, flying. Nothing short of a miracle. And yet with life, there is hope. I am at a very unsecure time in my life, to where I've put so much faith in "the quest." It's as if I am so convinced that this one path I've chosen at this time, is the right one. But, this is tragedy in life. There's no going back to replay as a different character. The stats you have, are the stats you have. You only get more of them, you can't get rid of them. Well, maybe in a few years they can just upload my brain into another, new, b-17. Come on stem cells!

#NoShaveNovember has come to a close early this year. I had a head-start with the growing of the beard for my contest-winning (repeat) 'Man Without a Name' costume. My prize? $500 worth of tattooing from friend and co-worker Little Chris of Hale Nui Tattoos. I met this really cool chick there, at the part-contest, and apparently she's a lesbian. I thought we shared a connection, but perhaps it was just the love of women haha. She's still way cool though. Note to self: look into growing one's hair out again as guise of female.

So now, I have returned to facial boyhood, just weeks before my 27th birthday. I haven't really felt any particular way towards aging really, I actually kind of preferred it. 27 though is kind of ominous at this point. I wonder how much longer will I enjoy being a man-boy?

B.R.G.A. currently has a low enrollment of 5 students, many of them (3) are bi-weekly and 1 is a freebie. I've been hustling to get more students, spamming craigslist twice a week, every week. I only have one lead right now. If things continue this way, I may have to drop my rates, lest I starve, or have to run back to the restaurant with my tail between my legs. I think my product is more than deserving of its fee, but whatever.

School is almost finished, and as you can see from my overall grade in black. I've been doing quite well. I have decided to continue, and signed myself up and payed for the next installment of Japanese. This time, having it tie up only two afternoons for two hours, as opposed to four afternoons for one hour. Anki has been my secret weapon. I really have come a long way as a smart phone advocate. It is the future. Technology man.

That's all for now. I'll return with more updates in two weeks. Hopefully I'm hearing by then!

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