Friday, November 30, 2012

Operation Island Hop

So the plans have been laid, and the first stages of action have been completed. Operation Oahu 2.0. in its preliminary stages are underway. The ticket has been purchased, the cargo shipping dates have been saved, I am completely out of debt and am in good financial standing with everyone and everything, I have enough money to get me there and back if all goes to hell, and my employers... well, they have no idea.

I've always wondered how much notice is courteous or adequate to good-standing employers, but everyone always defaults to "two weeks." Two weeks to me always seemed so abrupt and insufficient to employ a suitable replacement, but in a way, it's the only way to truly secure your employment up until the time of the resignation notification. Otherwise, it could be the longest x+2 weeks notice amount of time until your leaving date. I hope to leave my employers in good standing so that when I make my eventual return home next holiday season, I will be welcomed open armed and immediately start making some income. That's the hope at least, but in my experience with that, reemployment/employment A) doesn't always to go to plan and B) usually isn't that easy. But one can try, remain hopeful and optimistic right? Or naive...

At this point in the sequence of relocation events, it is to simply put my head down and grind. Pocket as much money as I possibly can before I make my preemptive return to O'ahu. The more money I secure at home, the more BOWERFUL I will be there. There isn't really much else to do other than peek at the market from the internet afar but many of the ads are at best 1 month ahead of scheduled fulfillment time. Meaning that if I am looking for a place/job/band in January, I'm wasting a lot of time resources looking for them in November, because many of the November ads are relevant to November and December, not January. Anyway, a lot of the interviews, unit showings, lease signings, auditions etc. all require you to be there physically too (duh). Because of which, I have nothing lined up really. Not a job, nor a place, and with only desiring to live there [on O'ahu] until the end of May at this time, not very many places are willing to accept a full 4 month lease with a prorated 5th month. This will be my first time in the forays of subletting, and at this moment, it sounds kind of exciting. We'll see how that goes!

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